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March is ACA Scholarship Blitz Month!


Do you have a scholarship yet? Did you know many families qualify for at least one ACA scholarship regardless of income bracket? Don't miss out on tuition assistance and apply today! Scholarships open and payout at various times, so it's a good idea to check out the list below.


Available Scholarships


APESF & AZ Greater Inc. Scholarships

  • Every student enrolling at ACA for the school year is required to apply for these two scholarships:
  • Failure to apply for the above-mentioned scholarships will result in the total annual tuition being billed to parents.
  • For additional scholarships, parents will need to individually research the application due dates and each STO’s scholarship disbursement process on an individual basis, as each STOs dictates their own guidelines.
  • Click here and here to view  the list of all STOs eligible to award scholarships in Arizona

ASCT Scholarship

We have a new scholarship opportunity through ASCT.  The scholarship opens on Monday, January 13th,  and is awarded on a first-come first-served basis.  To find out if you qualify and complete an application click here.  You are also welcome to come to our Registrar's office for assistance completing your application. 

AZ Leadership Foundation

The AZ Leadership Foundation is open to our students.  This scholarship requires you to bring the completed forms attached to this email to the Registrar Office. 

School Choice Arizona

School Choice Arizona utilizes tax credit donations to scholarship children at private schools in Arizona. Corporations and Individuals can donate and claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against their Arizona tax liability. With your donations, you create opportunities for children to reach their unique potential.

For more information and to apply click here

IBE Scholarships

IBE Scholarships can reduce the cost of private school education if awarded.  Please take a moment to apply for this scholarship if you would like assistance.  Start the process by visiting here:

If you have any questions or concerns related to any of our scholarships, please email our front desk/Registrar. 

Arizona Tuition Connection Scholarship

Arizona Tuition Connection provides tax credit scholarships to students attending K-12 private schools.

For more information and to apply, click here.

AZ4EDUCATION Scholarship Foundation, INC.

AZ4Education' mission to award tuition scholarships to eligible students who wish to attend a private K-12 school in Arizona and raise awareness about the benefits of school choice.

To apply click here

Before you start your application form you must login first. If you already logged in, please make sure your browser accepts cookies or try another browser such as Chrome. It may also be your network environment security protocols or device. Recommend using a personal laptop, desktop computer. Any questions, please contact our help desk.

Please create an account in order to login on this page

Arizona Tax Credit Scholarship

Arizona Tax Credit is a school tuition organization which accepts donations for tuition assistance and awards scholarships 24 times a year to children so they can afford to attend an Arizona private school.

Whether you are a family seeking tuition assistance or a donor looking to support a child through financial contributions, Arizona Tax Credit helps bridge the gap from heart to hand. Make a difference in a student’s life while also saving dollar for dollar on your Arizona state taxes today!

For more information and to apply, click here.

ACA Academic Scholars Award

The ACA Academic Scholars Award is a new $500 merit-based tuition scholarship that will be awarded annually to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. We want to encourage academic excellence and award student's success.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Students must be enrolled in grades 2-12 and attend ACA for a full school year.
  • Students must have earned a cumulative “A” average in all classes (90% or above) during the previous school year.
Terms and Conditions: 
  • ACA Administrators will review each students' grades at the end of the school year.
  • Parents of eligible students will be informed about the scholarship award by September of the following school year.
  • The scholarship award will apply to the second tuition installment.
  • Parents who pay the full tuition in advance will be refunded the scholarship amount in September.
  • Scholarship funds can only be used to cover annual tuition. A student whose tuition is already covered completely through other scholarship programs will not be eligible to receive this award.
  • Students must maintain the grade requirement to receive the scholarship for the following year.
  • ACA reserves the right to adjust the amount of the scholarship award in subsequent school years.
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