We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service.

Arizona Cultural Academy & College Prep is a Cognia-accredited, full-time private Islamic school offering a comprehensive curriculum within an Islamic ethos.

Founded in 1996, we are the only K-12 Islamic school in Arizona, serving a diverse student population. We seek to empower students with knowledge, confidence, and a desire to serve the community at large. ACA is also ranked the third-best private K-12 school in Arizona by Niche.

“My Lord, increase me in knowledge”

"وَقُلْ رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْما"

Why Islamic Schools?

Full-time Islamic schools in America, represents a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to education through the preservation of Islamic identity and Muslim heritage as part of its curriculum. The mission of a full-time Islamic school is to find balance through a defensive and proactive approach to education and character development.

Our Commitment To Success

ACA started in 1996 and was founded by parents and community members who wanted an alternative to public school for their children. We are accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvanceED) from 2012 to 2023.

100% college acceptance ratings from the college of choice

Selected graduates were accepted into ASU’s Barrett Honors College

ACA graduates were awarded scholarships to complete their degree

100% high school graduation rate. Over 158 successful alumni since 2006

Steady growth in enrollment since ACA’s inception in 1996

Need Enrollment Assistance?

Current parents who would like to enroll new students/siblings, please contact the Registrar’s Office at: 

(602) 454-1222, Ext: 102 



Great school with even greater teachers. Every teacher we have had for our sons has been so caring and loving. The early-childhood program is especially strong with a montessori like environment and exposure to different languages. The facility is awesome too with a clean, huge gym. So far, we have been very happy with our experience.

Nadia El-Hillal

My name is imam Nageye Ahmed Nadir. my experience with Arizona Cultural Academy was nothing but outstanding. In 2017, I enrolled one of my children in ACA, and I was so pleased that now three of them are attending the school. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in an Islamic/private school that has high academic standards. It is located in a nice and safe place, additionally, the security is quite tight. Not to mention, it ranked 3rd as the best private K-12 school in this school year.

Nageye Nadir

ACA is my alma mater (of three years prior) and I’m proud to say it aH. 🙂 the community has always been mA very close and loving, and the staff are amazing people mA. my little sister is continuing at ACA and I really appreciate how they’re always striving on how to improve their already wonderful Islamic environment for the children. mA the masjid, the athan and morning duas are aspects we take for granted; afterwards you realize how lucky it was to have grown up in a school like this!

S. Deenah

I graduated from here in 2009. I attended this school from its opening in 2001 (my 5th Grade) till graduation. It is a great school and helps prepare students for a higher education. They have improved and grown since I graduated and continue to do so. If you want your children to receive a great education as well as be educated in Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic, this is the school for them. It is from Montessori all the way till 12th Grade. They also have a great weekend school that takes place on the campus for those who wish to keep their children in the public school but what them to learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies.

Ebtisam El-Sharkawy

A wonderful, safe, and Islamic environment. Our boys can’t wait for school to start up again!

Yaser Ali

I love this school. They have the best teacher. High academy. It is one great ahead from my district. My son loves this school and he gained good behavior and better abdication.

Maymuun Ahmed

Our Campus

An Islamic private school, founded in 1996 by parents and community members with a vision and need for an alternative to public school. We strive to provide excellence in academic, religious, and character education.

Meet our Principal

“It is a tremendous honor and privilege to work alongside such a wonderful faculty, staff, students, and parents that make up the ACA community. Our school is most certainly a unique and special place – a true Islamic and academic community made better by all those who are involved.”

Dr. Christine McGee – School Principal

Make a Donation

Donations are a fundamental part of our growth. We are grateful to all of our donors for keeping our facility and teaching materials up to date.


Newsletter & Announcements

Giving Tuesday

November 30, 2023

Consider ACA for your support this Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that happens every year after Thanksgiving.

Your tax-deductible donation to ACA goes a long way in building bridges in the community, establishing this institution of learning, and empowering the next generation of young Muslims.

Please visit acadonation.com to participate. If you are interested in making a tax credit donation instead, visit greaterarizona.org/donate.

Building F Construction Updates

December 7, 2023

Al-hamdu li’llah the construction of Building F is underway and progressing expeditiously! As you can see the concrete slab has been placed and the wood framing is currently under construction. Building F will consist of two stories with the first floor having four new additional classrooms, a cafeteria, and an administrative office. The project is scheduled for completion in May 2024, inshā’Allāh.

State Tax Credit – Donate Now

December 31, 2023

As-salamu ‘alaykum. Many of you are familiar with the unique tax credit program that is available to taxpayers in Arizona.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the state of Arizona allows you to redirect up to $2,609 for married couples and $1,307 for individuals from your state income taxes to serve as scholarships for students at ACA.
This “donation” is actually a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. This means that you will either not owe the amount you contributed towards ACA in your state taxes. You may even receive a portion or the entirety of it back in your state tax return. This contribution comes at NO COST to you. Instead of paying taxes to the government, you can use your tax dollars to facilitate an Islamic education for ACA students instead.
You have until you file your taxes to participate, but will you help us reach 10% of our goal before the end of this year? We are almost there.
You can learn more and donate online at www.acascholarship.com.

ACA’s Annual Art Show

January 18, 2024

Come check out our budding artists on March 1st from 3-4:30!

Umrah Fundraiser – Organic Medjol Dates

January 20, 2024

Dear parents, guardians, students, and the community at large Assalamu Alaikum,

Hurry up and preorder your box

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming fundraising sale. Right before our sacred month of Ramadan, the Umrah will be selling organic Medjool fresh dates.

The funds raised from this sale will directly contribute to the student’s discount for next year’s school Umrah Insha Allah.

Preorder now and support ACA Umrah

Preorder is required. 

Pick up date: March 8th

Time: 1:25-3:00

11 bound box for only: $40

The last day to accept orders: is Friday, February 16th. 

Payment methodscash, Zelle, Venmo, *check, *PayPal, *Apple Pay, and *credit card

If you wish to pay in cash, please send the exact amount in an envelope with your name and give it to Ms. Doaa at the office. write a note: (dried dates purchase).

* Check payable to Arizona Cultural Academy note: (dried dates purchase)

*If you choose to pay by card a tax will be applied to the total.

Preorder Here

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for your ongoing support.

Celebrating Black History Month

February 2, 2024

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