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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  


Q: What is an Islamic School?

A: Full-time Islamic schools are the most recent phenomenon of the Islamic education movement in America. They represent a shift towards a more comprehensive approach by preserving Islamic identity and Muslim heritage for the community at large and for the children in particular. The mission of full-time Islamic schools can be thought of along two tracks: defensive and proactive. The defensive line strives to shield and protect the children from any harmful influences that are against Islamic morals and ethics. The proactive line seeks to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of Muslim children with the hope of producing confident, competent individuals who will be able to go outinto American society and contribute positively without compromising their Islamic beliefs and/or practices.

Q: What is ACA School all about?

A: ACA School is an NCA accredited[more info], full-time Islamic school located in Phoenix, AZ. ACA started in 1996 and was founded by parents and community members who wanted an alternative to public school for their children. ACA serves Muslim children and their families from the Twin cities and their surrounding suburbs. ACA provides instruction in the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arabic Language, Quran, Islamic Studies, Computer, Fine Arts and Physical Education.

Q: What does ACA School offer?

A: ACA School offers: Qualified and committed teachers Low student-to-teacher ratio High commitment to academic excellence An academic curriculum designed to exceed all state/national standards Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies Strong moral guidance Parental involvement in the educational process A multi-cultural staff and student population Affordable private education Financial aid for qualified low-income families and excelling students A modern school facility owned by Muslims A well-rounded program including physical, intellectual, and artistic stimulation.

Q: How successful is ACA School?

A: The Stanford 10 results of 2008 and 2009 have confirmed that ACA has earned the top 15% in Reading and Math in the nation! All ACA graduates have been admitted in the college of their choice with scholarships!

Q: What are ACA's office hours?

Normal School Hours are Mondays through Thursdays 7:50 a.m. to  3:20 p.m. and Fridays: 7:50 a.m to 2:30 p.m. Early release days/ half days will be posted on Renweb's calendar and school's website.

Q: How many students are in ACA school and what are their demographics?

A: As of the school year 2008-2009 there are about 243 students enrolled at ACA School. The figure on the right shows the student demographics in terms of the languages spoken at home. "Mixed" stands mostly for households with Arabic and English language origin, but other combinations exist as well.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: This web site is updated regularly with the latest information about the school and school related events. Our Flyer provides an overview of ACA school's mission, environment, curriculum and important facts. The ACA School Newsletter is a good source for more current information. If you have a specific question that you can not find answered here, please feel free to contact us per mail, email, phone or fax (more info see below).

Q: Why should I send my child to ACA?

A: There are three main reasons why you might want to send your children to ACA School: Islamic Environment: ACA School offers an Islamic environment that is conducive to the Academic, social, spiritual and physical growth of your child. Children excel in all aspects of life when they grow up in such a safe and nurturing environment. Educational Success: We believe that because of the environment, the dedication of our teachers and the involvement of our parents, ACA students are more successful than the national average. In fact, our records show that the longer the students stay with ACA the more they improve. For more details see above Islamic Knowledge: ACA School offers daily instructions in Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies embedded within the core curriculum subjects. At the same time, it provides an environment in which the students can practice their religion freely and receive feedback to improve their understanding of Islam.

Q: Does ACA have space for my child?

A: We have a waiting list in Pre-K and the lower elementary grades. For information specific for your situation, please contact the school via email or phone.

Q: What are the admission requirements?

A:Following are the admissions criteria: Acceptance and commitment to the mission statement acceptance and commitment to the mission statement Academic history based on previous school records (if applicable) Successful completion of placement test (11th through 12the grades only Evidence of a history of positive school behavior Admissions priority will be given based on the following criteria: Having a parent who is a staff member Having a sibling that is currently enrolled (must not have an outstanding balance) Date of application Having previously attended an Islamic school (if applicable) Each family must submit a non-refundable $100 application fee with their application. For detailed admission procedure click here.

Q: How much does it cost (tuition rates)?

A: The Board has worked with the parents to set the lowest possible tuition rates while still keeping the school running. The cost for field trips and additional personal items (such as uniforms, backpacks, school supplies etc.) is not part of the tuition and is the responsibility of the parents. In an effort to improve the billing and collection process, tuition rates are divided into four independent tiers or levels: 1. Preschool Level (Pre-K - K) 2. Elementary Level (Grades 1-5) 3. Middle School Level (Grades 6-8) 4. High School/College Prep. Level (Grades 9-12)

Sibling Discount: Second and third child discounts are only applied to grades K through 12. No sibling discounts are available for preschool. Registration Fee: There will be a charge of $100 per student for registration at the beginning of the year. The fee covers sports equipment and the processing fees. This fee is not subject to financial aid.

Q: Is financial aid available?

A: Once a student is admitted, parents can apply for financial aid. Financial aid is offered based on the demonstrated needs and available resources.

Q: What is the parent's role at ACA?

A: Researchers and practitioners have long acknowledged a strong link between parent involvement and children's success in school. ACA encourages parent involvement because it increases student achievement, enhances self-esteem, improves behavior, and betters school attendance. The primary purpose of the ACA PTA (Parent - Teacher Association) is to promote the welfare of the children at school and home by focusing of education, social events and sports.

In an effort to increase stakeholders involvement in our school, and to meet the advancEd requirement; ACA is initiating ACA MAndatory Parent- Support program . Each ACA family must volunteer a minimum of five (5) hours OR pay $75 per academic year as a “Volunteer Fee” to support the program. Click here to read more information about the program  from in the Student/Parent Handbook on page44.

PTA is a forum where parents can get involved in and support various school initiatives. PTA's role is to communicate and solicit support in different areas. The ACA PTA members have either initiated or been involved in various activities: after school tutoring, annual school picnic, teacher appreciation week, support in organizing of school fundraising events, quarterly parents potlucks, addressing parents collective issues with board and administration, etc. If you are interested in learning more about PTA and its activities, please send an email to 

Q: Is it possible to visit the school?

A: ACA always receives and welcomes visitors who want to learn about its programs, students, various activities and teaching practices in order to get a first-hand impression. Please contact the office using the contact information (see above)to schedule a visit.

Q: How can a teacher apply for a teaching position?

A: Qualified teachers are invited to apply for the positions of elementary homeroom teachers, subject teachers for middle and high school as well as Islamic studies, Arabic and Qur'an. Essential requirements: Bachelors Degree (or higner) in a closely related field Fluency in English Authorized to work in the U.S. Good knowledge of Islam A minimum of 2 years teaching experience in an accredited educational institution or a U.S. teaching certificate is preferred. A teaching license may be required depending on the subject/grade level.

We offer: Islamic environment for staff members, students and parents. Priority for children of staff members in admission process Please send your cover letter and resume to

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