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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  

How to Register

General Information

Student enrollment typically starts on March 15th for new students and in January for existing students.

In order to take advantage of special discounts, registration and tuition payment must be completed by May 15th.

Student registration resumes in July each year.

Registration and enrollment is managed through our Online registration system.

How to Apply


The following information will need to be provided for all students in order to enroll at the Arizona Cultural Academy:

  1. Complete the  application process by  creating an online application
  2. Provide a  copy of the Student's Birth Certificate.
  3. Provide a copy of the Student's Immunization Record.
  4. Include a Doctor's Statement of the Student's Health Record.
  5. Provide a signed Tuition plan contract.
  6. Provide a signed Acceptance of Rules and Regulations Outlined in the Parent's Handbook.


New Students

In order to apply to Arizona Cultural Academy, go to the online registration and fill out the required forms.
After submitting the forms,  administration will be notified and the process of registration begins.

  1. Actual enrollment requires an appointment with the ACA Front Desk registrar at that time.
  2. All paperwork must be completed.
  3. A check covering registration fee and minimal two months tuition must accompany the paper work.
  4. Placement test for grades 1-12. Contact us to schedule an appointment for onsite testing by calling the school's registrar's office.

Returning Students



We are pleased to announce that ACA is accepting re-enrollment applications for our returning students as of today, March 13th, 2017. The re-enrollment applications are to be submitted through your Renweb account.

Below are important notes to know:

  • Please know that in order to complete your child's re-enrollment ALL CURRENT OUTSTANDING BALANCES MUST BE PAID IN FULL. 
  • ACA will reserve your child a seat with a minimum non-refundable payment of $150.00 per student. However, the first full 17/18 tuition installment is due before May 15, 2017. ($100.00 /child will be applied to the Registration Fees & $50.00/child will be applied toward the tuition)
  • Registration is first come-first serve and some classes tend to fill up quickly; as a result, we strongly encourage parents to submit their re-enrollment forms and first 1/18 installment payments as soon as possible.
  • ACA offers 5% Early Bird Discount to any tuition payment received prior to May 15. (the early bird discount does not apply to the Registration Fees, PTA Fees, and Sports Equipment Fees)
  • Re-enrollment is complete only when the re-enrollment form AND $150 deposit/child is received. Registration is complete when the 1st installment is paid in full.
  • ACA will also be accepting registration applications to NEW students enrolling in Early Montessori and Pre-K Montessori as of today March 14, 2017.
  • ACA will start accepting NEW students in Kg through Grade 12 on Monday, March 27th.
  • ACA is now partnering with APESF (in lieu of to provide scholarship tuition to our students. Parents who qualify for the APESF scholarship (See tuition table attached) will need to apply for the APESF scholarship online at, and submit a copy of the email confirmation with the re-enrollment application.
  • It is very important to note that the $150/child re-enrollment fee will partially reserve your child a seat. For instance, to guarantee a spot for next year, the first 17/18 tuition installment is to be paid in full, by May 15, 2017.

Click here to start your re-enrollment process.

Transfer Students


The following documents are required for any student transferring from other school:

  1. A copy of the student's report Cards .
  2. Permission for Transfer of Records.
  3. Discipline Records.
  4. Drug test for High School students.
  5. Completion of placement test at ACA.

You can download the school Tuition Computation Table as well as the Registration Balance Sheet and Financial Responsibility below.

Tuition Computation Table

Scholarship Programs


ACA parents are eligible to apply to two Arizona scholarship funds for their children.

Your child may be eligible for both:

        1. ASF: Arizona Scholarship Fund
        2. ASCT: Arizona school Choice Trust


For more information, please click here.