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Providing Quality Islamic Education for students K-12 NOW ENROLLING 

School Profile

About US


Who We Are

  • Islamic private school founded in 1996 by parents and community members who had a vision and need for an alternative to public school.
  • Strive to provide excellence in academic, religious, and behavioral education.
  • Offers a comprehensive and balanced program to enhance our students potential and skills.
  • Cohesive Governing Board of volunteers.
  • Strong organizational leadership & Infrastructure and clear flow of authority.
  • Serves Muslim children and their families from the Twin cities and their surrounding suburbs.
  • Provides instruction in the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arabic Language, Quran, Islamic Studies, Computer, Fine Arts and Physical Education.



  • Accredited Islamic school through AdvancEd, from Early Montessori (1-3 years old) to 12th grade.
  • Recognized as #25 in 2017 Best Private High Schools in Arizona by Niche which ranks nearly 4,000 private high schools based on statistics and millions of opinions from students and parents. For more information and reviews about ACA please click here.
    • Ranked #4 of 22 in 2017 Most Diverse Private High Schools in Arizona
    • Ranked #15 of 48 in 2017 Largest Private High Schools in Arizona
    • Ranked #15 of 29 in  2017 Private High School College Readiness in Arizona
  • NCA accredited full-time Islamic school located in Phoenix, AZ. Click here to learn more about our accreditation.
  • Proud member of Arizona Muslim Alliance (AMA).
  • Cohesive Governing Board of volunteers
  • Strong organizational leadership & Infrastructure and clear flow of authority
  • Working Islamic environment for 56 full time and part time well qualified staff
  • Debt free institution


Environment & Culture

  • True Islamic environment with Masjid on campus.
  • Beautiful facility with standard amenities
  • Nurturing Islamic and academic environment for 341 students



  • Our graduates have a 100% college acceptance rate and have entered the college of their choice.
  • Most students have entered college with scholarships and some have graduated with Associate's Degree (i.e. may only need 2 years to get their Bachelor's Degree), and accepted into ASU Barrett Honors College.
  • 15 Seniors made the Class of 2016 and 16 for Class of 2017
  • 100% high school graduation rate
  • Established Umrah program for our high school
  • Steady growth since ACA’s birth in 2001
  • Established an Athletics Program

Our Mission

Arizona Cultural Academy is a private Islamic school, striving for excellence in providing academic, religious, and behavioral education. We offer a comprehensive and balanced program to enhance our students potential and skills. Our aim is to raise successful, righteous, and compassionate leaders of the future.

Our Vision

Promote strong moral values based on authentic Islamic education.

Ensure high standards of youth education based on National Achievement Tests.

Integrate Islamic, Arabic, and NCA (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) mandated academics accreditation in our comprehensive curriculum.

Emphasize a strong understanding of responsibility and self-reliance as part of character building.

Cultivate interfaith and interracial tolerance, respect, and harmony.

Inculcate a sense of sharing and cooperation across socio-economic levels.

Provide positive reinforcement for our students through sports and social programs.

Our History

ACA started in 1996 and was founded by parents and community members who wanted an alternative to public school for their children. We are accredited by AdvancED since 2012-2018. We have 95 successful Alumni.

Timeline of Improvements:

  • 1996  Incorporated, Non Profit (501)(c3)
  • 1999  Land donated
  • 2001  Built Phase I (elementary)
  • 2003  Built Phase II (high school)
  • 2004  NCA AdvancED accreditation
  • 2006  First senior class graduation
  • 2009  Built Phase III (MYCA youth center)
  • 2010  First senior class    with an Associate’s Degree
  • 2011  Daycare facility and MYCA parking
  • 2012  August, Islamic Daycare License
  • 2013  Starter school counseling & character education program
  • 2015  Completiong of Phase IV
  • 2016  Launched 2020 improvement plan