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October 2018

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Thursday, October, 4
October 4, 2018
Based on your feedback and in a conscientious effort to meet the individual needs of our students, we are very proud to announce that starting next quarter, we will be leveling our Quran classes from grades 6-11. Our intentional goal is to provide our students with a quality Quran program. We have already completed an assessment of our students level of Quran knowledge. Next quarter students from grades 6-11 will be in a mixed classroom strategy based on their level (beginner or intermediate) rather than their grade. Each level will have their own specific goals for Quran education (reading, reciting, comprehension, memorization). This is a pilot initiative and if this model is successful at ACA, it may be adapted in other subject areas. We invite your feedback and are interested in hearing from you. Please join us for our parent Q&A session.