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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  

School Council

Immediate Openings & Upcoming Elections

Every 2 years, the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and School Council holds elections.  This is your opportunity to be more involved at ACA, benefit the students, and have a positive impact on our community.    

PTA facilitates parental participation by hosting programs and events that enhance the relationship between home and school so that parents, administrators and teachers may cooperate in the education of the students. 

School Council gives ACA parents and staff a pivotal role in the academic operation of ACA by helping draft policies and procedures. 

Both the PTA and School Council Presidents attend monthly ACA Board meetings.

You may nominate yourself and/or another candidate.  Candidates must consent to be nominated and be nominated by at least 2 people to qualify. We have attached the PTA  and School Council charters, Election Timeline & the Nomination forms.  


1.  Nominations are open as of today 03/04/20

2.  Nominations Close on 03/25/20

3.  Campaign period 03/26/20-04/06/20

4.  Ballot Collection: 03/27/20-04/10/20 by 12:15 p.m.

5.  Election Ballot Count: 04/10/20 12:30 p.m.

Elections are currently postponed in light of the recent health concerns.

If you are interested in being a member of the school council, email us.



School Council Committee Members

The ACA School Council is the organization that represents all stakeholders in ACA. All schools in Arizona are legally required to have a school council.

Its function is to field concerns from any stakeholder (student, parent, employee, administration, board, or community at large), and to resolve any conflict in a fair, balanced and democratic manner.

A copy of the ACA School Council bylaws can be obtained from the ACA website. The council meets usually on a monthly basis or as needed. All concerns, suggestions, or other matters should be submitted in writing to the President or the Secretary.

Name Email Representative Role Voting Eligibility
Dr. Salah Tomeh Chairman of the Board No
Ms. Christine McGee  Interim Principal No
Mr. Irfan Choudhery President Yes
Mrs. Manal Hakim   Montessori Parent Yes
Mrs. Rheem Kabbani
Grades 1-8 School Parents
Ms. Fozia Basharat   High School Teacher Yes
Mr. Fahim Amini   High School Parent Yes
Ms. Dalal Jawad   Grades 1-8 Teacher Yes
Ms. Rawia Gaffar   Grades 1-8 Teacher Yes
Ms. Nisreen Abdeljaber   Montessori Teacher Yes
Mr. Junaid Chowdhury   Montessori Parent Yes
Mrs. Ahlam Samad   PTA President Yes
Mrs. Safia Dide   PTA Vice President Yes
Ms. Christine Choudhery   Scribe (minutes & support) No
Mr. Bilal Azharuddin   Student Rep. Yes
Ms. Amira Alhajjajji   Student Rep Yes
Mrs. Sekar Cortes   Facility Manager Yes
Mrs. Tammy Mai   School Counselor Yes
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