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School Closure Plan for Parents


Due to the emergency situation nation-wide, school will be conducted remotely. Our goal is to keep our students engaged in learning and continue to provide quality education to all. Please take note of the following instructions, your cooperation is highly appreciated:

❖ Google classroom and Zoom will be used for instructions and direct communications, please follow the included instructions on how to use Google Classrooms and Zoom:   Online Learning Tutorial

❖ All students are required to adhere to the shared schedule based on their grade level, click here to view schedule per grade

❖ Attendance will be recorded daily.

❖ Assignments and assessments will be graded and entered into RenWeb.

❖ Staff will be available for help as needed during scheduled school hours.

❖ Staff and Administration will be available during regular school hours accepting emails and phone calls.

❖ All social media and emails will be communicated regularly.

❖ All school events will be canceled until further notice. - If you need to borrow a Chromebook please contact the administration team. Chromebooks will be provided based on availability.

❖ Please monitor your child’s progress and make sure that they are following their daily schedule.

❖ Please visit the following links for more information about parent support:

We pray that we are all Protected by Allah’s (SWT) mercy

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