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All donations to ACA are and state tax deductible amount limitation. ACA is eligible for Zakat donations. These donations can be made at anytime of the year and later claimed as a deductable expense at the time of filing taxes.

The following Question was asked to Dr. Salah Soltan (Ph.D. in Figh, President of Islamic American University, Professor at Dar Ul-Ulume, Cairo University)

Q:Can ZAKAT money be paid to establish an Islamic School in America?

Dr. Soltan: "It is mubah (permissible) to give Zakat for Islamic Education to protect our children from fitna (trail). It is our duty to establish in every city an Islamic School i.e. Islamic Education. At the conference of Ulmema in Makkah Mukaramah they said it is permissible to give some of Zakat to Islamic Schools. I asked many scholars at the Europe Figh Council and they agree as well.

Jazak Allhu Khayran!