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Arabic Support Program

Arabic Online Support Program

In an effort to help our students successfully learn Arabic we are now going to require students who are not at the level that is required for their grade to work on an online Arabic program. The use of this program is intended to help these students be successful and get to the level of the rest of their class.

The Al-Kitaab Arabic Language program is an online program that consists of interactive exercises, audio and video files to aid students in the learning of the Arabic language.

The cost of this program is  $100:

  • $25 will be paid to purchase the Book Key. Payment is done on the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language program after enrollment.
  • $75 to purchase the Course Key. Payment is done on the payment button below. 

This is a one-time fee that parents will pay for their students to gain access to the program for 18 months. Once the fee has been paid the students will be able to start their online program.

We will provide instructions to enroll in the class upon receiving the $75 Course Fee.

Course Access Code Purchase ($75)

Required: Student Name
Required: Student Grade
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