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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  



 Winter Edition!



National Blue Ribbon School Program
It is part of the ACA Mission and Vision to become an Elite Islamic School, and part of this commitment is to excel in our academic performance. One of our goals as a school is to reach the Blue Ribbon Status. Blue Ribbon status is based on the school’s performance in standardized assessments.  Alhamdulillah, as of this current school year, we are very close to achieving this status. Most of our classes have met the benchmark, and a few are just a few points away. Insha’Allah with your support and our hard work we will continue to work toward academic excellence, and we will reach this goal soon. For more information about Blue Ribbon, Please follow this link.
STEM Workshop
ACA is partnering with MOVE to serve the community and provide students 
with a unique experience! There will an upcoming STEM workshop for middle school students. The workshops starts on January 19th to the 20th. Stay tuned for registration dates!
Click here to see the flyer!
Professional Learning Community (PLC)
At ACA, we  strive to provide quality education and qualified teachers. We are committed to advancing  our methods and utilizing the best teaching and learning practices.  

Our teachers are supported through Professional Learning Communities (PLC), Professional Development (PD), workshops and seminars  to ensure that they are doing everything necessary to meet the diverse needs of our students. 

Click here to  learn more:
Captain's Policy
ACA's Captain’s Policy program is aimed to promote a healthier and safer 
space for students to eat lunch and enjoy their recess. Students that 
display  exceptional acumen for 
leadership, responsibility and 
teamwork will be selected by the Dean of Students to represent their grade 
as a “Captain".  

To learn more, click on the link below:
Chess Recruitment
We are recruiting Chess players! The season begins in January and ends in April, 2019.  Click here to view the flyer. Contact Coach Patrick at for more details or to sign up! 


Winter Cold and Flu Symptoms and Tips
Winter is here and temperatures are 
getting cooler. During this time, we often see our immunity levels compromised, making us more susceptible to getting the cold or flu. 

Symptoms between the cold and flu can be similar. Below are a few articles to help you differentiate between the two and prevention tips  stay healthy!


  • Wolves Game (12/1/2018) - Wolves conquer Northpoint! High school basketball overpowered Northpoint. It was all smiles again at the ACA Gym. Khalil and Ali got going on offense while Arojojoye and Harun controlled the game at both ends. AbdulAzize dove to the basket for 19 points. 53-35 was the final count.
  • Wolves Game  (11/20/18) -  Wolves lose to the wolves? That's right! ACA lost 42 to 25 against Empower Prep. The squad was handed a reality check against a central Phoenix based team. 
  • Wolves Game (11/13/2018) - ACA Tramples Ville De Marie! Ville de Marie was shell shocked from the start this last Tuesday in the ACA gym. The Wolves sprung up with 8 first quarter blocks and jumped out to a 10 zero lead. ACA played with composure throughout including 7 hits from 3 point range. Sharaf Osman ignited the team at both ends of the court! The gym was packed with students and parents! Final score was 45-29 with a victory for the Wolves.  Thanks for all the support! Click here to view the pictures from the game.
  • Upcoming  Wolves Games - Friday, 14th! Click here to view information on upcoming games!


  • PTA’s Fall Picnic Pictures -  The ACA PTA Family Picnic was held on Nov 11th. A big thank you to everyone who showed up and supported this event! Click here to view the pictures from the picnic!

  • PTA Events - Check out our PTA Events page on the school website for  more details on this event and upcoming events. 
  • Volunteers - Parents who are interested in volunteering for PTA events, please send an email to


Our High School Sacred Sciences teacher, Sh. Derrick wrote an article this month titled "Love is Muhammad PBUH". Click on the link below to read more:


  • Winter Spirit Week - Starting December 3rd to 7th! Click here to see the flyer and what to wear on each day! Please note that selected attire must be islamically appropriate. Face masks, make-up and  open toe shoes allowed. Students not participating must be in school uniform.
  • ACA Winter Tax Festival - The event will be held on December 8th, from 12-5 p.m. We are looking for volunteers If you are interested, please email  Sr. Sekar at  Click here to view the flyer! 
  • ACA Winter Tax Festival Sponsorship - Thank you to the sponsors for your generosity. We still have a few more items available for sponsorship. This is a great way to promote your business or  donate as a family or class! If you're interested in being a sponsor, or vendor, please email  Sr. Sekar at  Click here to view the flyer!
  • 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  -  The tournament will be held during the ACA Winter Tax Festival on December 8th. Click here to view the flyer and register! Please contact Coach Patrick if you have any questions at
  • Ms. Bayinnah Temporary Leave and Sub - Ms. Bayyinah will be out for a few weeks.  Br. Khalid Muhammad will be taking over the Drama Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He is a working actor and was recently cast in a play about Muhammad Ali titled 'And In This Corner: Cassius Clay'. 
  • Parking Lot Upgrade -  Starting December 17th, the ACA parking lot will be closed for pick up and drop off.  We anticipate the work will be completed by the end io our Winter break. More details to come related to our temporary drop off and pick up process. All classes will dismiss at 12:00 noon during that week.  Lower grades and Montessori will have staggered release times that will be announced at a later time. Please be patient and follow our staff's instructions during pick up and drop off for everyone's safety. We look forward to the new improvements to our campus and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Playground Upgrade - Starting 12/11 we will begin work on our playground  located in the field.  The project will take approximately one week to complete. Given that there will be heavy equipment and unsafe conditions on the field, PE classes and recess will not take place in the field next week.  We apologize for any inconvenience but hope that you are as excited as we are for the new playground!
  • Umrah Fundraising - Help raise funds to send our senior students on an Umrah trip during Spring Break! Be on the look out for for Friday Food Fundraisers and much more! Interested in donating funds or sponsoring a student?  Please contact for more information.
  • PSP (Parent Service Program) - Parents can now sign-up as a volunteer in advance from our PSP page on our website for upcoming events. Click on the event of interest and enter your name and time slot you would like to volunteer through sign-up genius. If you have other ways you would like to contribute, please contact us at to discuss further! 


Spelling Bee Winners
Congratulations to the winners of this year's Spelling Bee Competition held on November 19th - 21st! 

1st Grade:
1st Place: Naureen Tasmin Hossain
2nd Place: Mumin Abdelmoneim
3rd Place: Mohamed-Cheikh Ould-Ahmed-Vall

2nd Grade:
1st Place- Ahmed Samad
2nd Place: Khadija Ahmed
3rd Place: Asiya Kabir 

3rd GRADE:
1st Place - Mayar Elgousi
2nd Place - Hamza Samad
3rd Place - Inayah Rajput

4th GRADE: 
1st Place - Leen Abdelsalam
2nd Place - Safia Hashmi
3rd Place - Mohamed Saad

5th GRADE: 
1st Place - Omar Abdelsalam
2nd Place - Osman Ghandour
3rd Place - Sohaib Khan

6th GRADE: 
1st Place - Tariq Hamdan
2nd Place - Wesaal Abdeljaber
3rd Place - Noor Abdelmoniem

7th GRADE: 
1st Place - Mohammed Ghori
2nd Place - Salsabeel Hamdan
3rd Place - Afrah Ghori

8th GRADE: 
1st Place - Yasmin Ghandour
2nd Place - Najla Syed
3rd Place - Zacki Youssef 

Our students all put in great effort and we are proud of each and everyone of you!  Keep shooting for the stars! Click here to view more pictures from the competition!


  • Tax Festival - Saturday,  8th from 12 to 5 p.m @ ACA
  • 2nd Grade Amazing Variety Show - Monday 17th from 10 a.m -12 p.m @ classroom
  • Winter Break - No school from Monday, December 24th 2018 to Friday, January 4th 2019.
JANUARY  2019:
  • Winter Break Ends - School resumes on Monday, 7th.
  • School Spelling Bee Competition - Wednesday, 16th.
  • Martin Luther King (MLK) Holiday - No school on Monday, 21st.
  • Montessori Career Day - Friday, 25th.
Click here to view our school calendar.

 A quote shared by the Principal...

 “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” - Colin Powell