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Elementary After-School Program

Start Date: 08/27/2019


After School Program Expectations

  • All students must report to the Gym/Cafeteria by 3:30 p.m for their after-school activities.
  • Parents are allowed to park in the back parking lot, closest to the Gym/Cafeteria to allow for easy pick-up.
  • All parents are required to enter the Cafeteria to sign their students out before they can be dismissed.
  • *ALL students MUST be signed out.
  •  All after-school activities end at 4:30 p.m and parents must pick their students up promptly at that time.
  •  Parents are allowed to watch their student's basketball practice BUT are not allowed in the Gym. 
  •  Coaches/Supervisors MUST remain with their students until they have ALL been signed out by the parent.

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Elementary After School Program
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