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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  

School Council

The ACA School Council is the organization that represents all stakeholders in ACA. All schools in Arizona are legally required to have a school council.

Its function is to field concerns from any stakeholder (student, parent, employee, administration, board, or community at large), and to resolve any conflict in a fair, balanced and democratic manner.

A copy of the ACA School Council bylaws can be obtained from the ACA website. The council meets usually on a monthly basis or as needed. All concerns, suggestions, or other matters should be submitted in writing to the President or the Secretary.

School Council Committee Members:


Name Email Representatinve Role Voting Eligibility
Dr. Salah Tomeh Chairman of the Board No
Ms. Samah Bkhaitan  Principal No
Mr. Irfan Choudhery President Yes
Sr. Asma Hussein   High School Parent Yes
Sr. Nora Bitar   Montessori Parent Yes
Ms. Sumaya Abdul-Qadir   Elementary Parent Yes
Sr. Zaitun Hamdan   Middle School Parent Yes
    High School Teacher Yes
    Middle School Teacher Yes
Ms. Dalal Jawad   Elementary Teacher Yes
Ms. Wassila Bacha   Montessori Teacher Yes
Muniyr Muhammad Facility Manager Yes
Ms.Veneranda Sanchez   PTA President Yes
Ms. Christine Choudhery   PTA Secretary/Scribe Yes
Nancy Elsharawy   Student Rep. Yes