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“We are ACA. We empower our community with knowledge, spirit and service”  


The ACA Board, Administration, School Council and various other committees within the school, play a major role in ACA's wide-based operational success.

Committees are composed of ACA staff members and parental volunteers.  The ACA Principal and a Board member are ex officios (non-voting members)  in all ACA committees.

List of ACA's committees and their members:

Committee Goal Current Chairman Voting Committee Members
ACA Umrah To spiritually enrich ACA highschoolers by organizing and fundraising for ACA's Annual Umrah trip to Holy Mecca and Medina TBD Mrs. Rheem Kabbani, Ms. Wassilla Bacha, ACA Principal as ex officio
AdvancED Accreditation Steering To monitor and implement highly effective curricula and instruction to mee or excced the requirements of AdvancED accreditation Dr. Samah Bkhaitan Ms. Wassilla Bacha, Ms. Eva Vaz, Ms. Lama Zaino, Ms. Fozia Basharat, ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio.
& Budget
To keep a balanced monthly ACA budget, by monitoring revenues and allocating expenses Mrs. Nouhad Habli Ms. Sofia Meskini, ACA Chairman and Principal as ex officio
Sacred Science To design comprehensive curricula & textbooks of Islamic, Arabic and Qur'anic education and monitor its implementation Dr. Hanann Tomeh Mrs. Zaina Hawasli, Mr. Umair Khan, Ms. Wassila Bacha,  Ms. Hazar AlHamawi, Ms. Evlin Mrayan, Sheikh Derrick Peat,  ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
Extra Curricular Sports To enhance ACA student morale and physical well being through extra-curricular competitive sports Coach. Patrick Fitzpatrick Dr. O. Arojojoye, Ms. Christine Chudhery, ACA  Chairman & Principal as ex officio
Development & Scholarship
To stratigically plan, excute creative fundraising and marketing for ACA, including tax based scholarship fundraising Mr. Yaser Ali, Esq. Mr. Umair Khan, Mrs. Nouhad Habli, ACA Chairman and Principal as ex offcio
Fundraising To organize ACA's fundraising activities such as: Annual Dinner and Tax Festival Mrs. Sekar Cortes Mrs. Nouhad Habli, Ms. Lama Zaino, Ms. Christine Coudhery, ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
Gifted Students To enhance the education of high performing and gifted ACA student above and beyond ACA standard curriculum Dr. Oyesiji Arojojoye Mrs. Suzanne Bassal, ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
To assist in ACA employees' hiring, benefits and monitoring compliance Mrs. Sekar Cortes Ms. Abby Mosalli, Mr. Umair Khan ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
To ensure the implementation of current IT throughout the entire ACA instruction and operation Ms. Lama Zaino Mr. Jason Price,  Ms. Abby Mosalli, ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
To make ACA Masjid the hub of worship and positive activity of the ACA neighborhood Sheikh Yaser Ali, Esq. Dr. AlMutaz Kartoumah, Mr. Umair Khan, Dr. Chafeek Tomeh, Mr. Sam Mostofo, Sheikh Yaser Ali
Parent Support To recruit and monitor parental contribution to ACA's educational operation Ms. Abby Mosalli ACA Chairman and Principal as ex officio
PR &
To enhance public relations through advertising communications with stakeholders, publishing data and overseeing the website Mrs. Sekar Cortes ACA Chairman, Ms. Abby Mosalli and  Principal as ex officio


To enrich students education with extracurricular activities Mrs. Ahlam Samad Mrs. Sofia Didi, Chairman and Principal as ex officio
Roadmap 20/20 To strategically plan and direct ACA resources towards achieving academic and spiritual excellence, and to compete with the elite national educational institutions Mr. Umair Khan Mrs. Sekar Cortez, ACA Chairman as ex officio
& Security
To ensure the safety of security of the ACA stakeholders on campus and beyond during ACA activities Mr. Zayed El-Sayyed, Esq. ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio
School Council To assist the ACA Principal in drafting procedures of daily school operation Mr. Irfan Choudhery A representative from each category of stakeholders. ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio.
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Website To frequently oversee ACA Website, ensuring its content's accuracy Mrs. Sekar Cortes Ms. Lama Zaino, Mr. Umair Khan, Mr. Yaser Ali, Mrs. Azreen Rahman, ACA Chairman & Principal as ex officio